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Supports data from all TASBooks programs - no need to install lots of different programs to access client data, TASBooks for Accountants does it all.

Single program login - there's no need to know your clients' own TASBooks passwords, which makes their data more secure.

User manager - keep in control of who can access sensitive client data.

Status manager - keep track of your workflow and work the way you want.

Automatic updates - stay up-to-date with the very latest version, including support for future versions of TASBooks

Financial year change - no need to send client data into TAS to get the financial year changed, you can now do it yourself.

Excel integrated reporting - make better use of your client's data by analysing it in Microsoft Excel.

Multiple version support - there's no need to install multiple versions of TASBooks and because of this, there's no danger of accidentally upgrading a client to different version.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET v2 and v3.5 framework
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v7 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader v7 or higher
  • Adobe Flash Player v9 or higher
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or later (to use Excel Integrated Reporting)
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or later (to print documents using Word templates)

Minimum hardware requirements

  • A computer with a 1GHz processor
  • At least 1GB of  memory
  • A hard disk with at least 500MB of free space
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • A monitor with 1024x768 resolution and 24-bit colour
  • An Internet connection

Recommended hardware requirements

  • A computer with a 2GHz processor
  • At least 2GB of memory
  • A hard disk with at least 500MB of free space
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • A monitor with 1280x1024 resolution and 32-bit colour
  • A broadband Internet connection

Additional requirements for workgroup versions

  • 100Mbps network, 1Gbps recommended
  • Microsoft Windows networking, with TCP/IPv4

 Additional requirements for network versions

  • A network server running 32-bit or 64-bit version of:
    Windows Server 2008 Server Standard/Enterprise
    Windows Server 2003 Server/Small Business Server
    Windows Server 2000 Server/Advanced Server
    Windows Vista Business/Ultimate/Enterprise
    Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise
  • 2GB of memory and 500MB of free disk space on the server
  • 100Mbps network, 1Gbps recommended
  • Microsoft Windows networking, with TCP/IPv4

Performance will be improved with higher specification computers.

Please ensure that you have the latest Microsoft Windows service packs and updates installed, including those for the .NET framework. TASBooks is not designed to operate on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.

You'll need an Internet connection (ideally a broadband connection) on the same computer as this program in order to access online services and download program updates. If you require program updates on CD, they are available on request at a small charge.

It is not possible to run multiple copies of TASBooks for Accountants on a single computer.