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Terms & Conditions for the TAS Data service

 These terms & condition apply to the following services;

  • Data Recovery service
  • Financial Year Change service
  • Password Decode service

Whilst we are working on your TAS data files you should not enter any new transactions into your accounting or payroll software, unless otherwise instructed, as these transactions entered will be lost upon return of your data files.

Whilst working on your files we will run a full integrity check of the data files and figures contained therein. You may find that summary figures reported in your data files may have changed. All summary figures will be recalculated from the actual transactions (postings) entered in all financial years. If there are errors in the underlying transactions, then these errors may be reflected in the summary figures

We will use our reasonable endeavours to repair the data and return it to you within a fixed period of receipt of the data by us. We aim to return the data sooner than this but may need the full fixed period during peak periods and where repair of the data requires such time period. We may also need more than the full fixed period to repair the data. In such circumstances we shall use our reasonable endeavour to inform you of this and of the date when we will repair the data but shall not be liable to you for failing to repair the data within the full fixed period. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that the data is in order once returned to you and any reliance you place on the returned data shall be at your own discretion and risk.

If you have opted for the Express Data Repair Service, extensions of the fixed period will not apply, unless otherwise agreed with you.

Please note that TAS Software reserves the right to make changes to its prices from time to time and any change affecting you will be notified to you. In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair your data there will be no charge for work undertaken in connection with trying to do so and TAS Software shall have no further liability in relation to the data.

Please refer to your software licence agreement for notice of TAS's limitation of liability in relation to the software. This limitation shall also apply to data recovery.

In returning the above information to you I consent to the collection by TAS Software of any personal data in such information (for example, name, email address and any other identifying data) and confirm that I am properly authorised for the above information to be collected by TAS Software and used to locate and repair any damaged data. I understand that all information provided will be treated as strictly confidential, is for the sole use of TAS Software in relation to this service and will not under any circumstances whatsoever be distributed to any third parties.